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Part One, So far.

Gilligan's Island - VH style.

Written by: Libby and Miffy, for better or for worse.

Episode 1

Brynger and Libby-Anne were at it again. The two couldn't agree a thing. If one said left, the other was sure it was right. You get the idea. They had signed up for a three hour tour on this blasted fishing boat and now the darn thing was sinking. It was just Brynger's luck. She'd be stuck on some desert island with that horrid girl next door, Libby-Anne. What was even worse was that she'd only brought a 2 week supply of makeup and evening gowns! Now Libby-Anne was hanging on to that odd little Professor and just hoping in her sickeningly sweet way that "they'd all come out okay in the end!"

Miffigan and the Skipper fought valiantly, but eventually the S.S. Steven Roberstsonson went the way of the Edmund Fitzgerald. (However, it was not immortalized in song by Gordon Lightfoot.) The seven somewhat unlucky passengers soon found themselves on the shores of an uncharted desert isle. It's name was Bongo Bongo and it was actually a major trading port for the local tribes of the area. However, the passengers and crew of the S. S. Steven Robertsonson didn't know this and we're certainly not going to be the ones to tell them, now are we?

As the stranded travellers struggled to save their possesions from the sinking ship, a lone Warrior watched them from a top a high hill. His name was Dagrakaoogaooga, Warrior Chief and he was treated with a mixture of both fear and respect in these parts for he commanded a fierce band of Programmable Cannabilistic Flying Blue Pixies. If this was a TV show, the producers would spend a lot of money on this sequence, sweeping soundtrack and all. But since this is a low budget text production you get this instead:

"Soon new food will be mine! Fly pixies, fly!" commanded the Warrior Chief as he raised his magical remote high into the air. The castaways didn't know (but they should have) that this remote was the key to Dagrakaoogaooga's power. With it he could control the wind and the waves, the sun and the moon, the pixies and his VCR. Wait. Wrong remote. He programmed the VCR by hand. There are a few things that even magic won't help. Cackling like a crazed fan girl, the Warrior Chief led his pixies off the hill and back into their lair. They had spent many moons trying to think up a reasonable name for this lair, as "The Deep, Dark, Scary Cave of Dagrakaoogaooga" just wasn't working. They had finally settled on the name "Dagrakaoogaooga's Bat Cave" when a few very nice men in suits from the Warner Brothers copyright office came to see them. The nice men informed the Warrior Chief that his cave name was in violation of copyright code 6.888493, 23933./99994s8i3. He promptly told the suited men to stuff it, and ate their brains for breakfast. However, the Warrior Chief was a stickler for the rules, and after he had cleaned up the dishes, he changed the lair's name to Mr. BooHead's House of Pain. Hopefully this name, lame as it was, would stick for a while.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, the castaways were busy setting up Marvelous Places to Live (on a stranded travellers budget). Miffigan and Captain AD were making do with a small two room hut on the edge of the forest, as were Libby-Anne and the ridiculous number of fuzzy creatures she'd adopted in the five minutes since we last say her. On the other hand, Brynger had constructed, or rather gotten the boys to construct for her, a beautiful palatial mansion made entirely of coconut shells. It had four bedrooms, a sitting room and indoor plumbing. Spoiled movie star. The *Couple* were now living in a simple, but elegant, 3 room hut with a nice composite roof and a fireplace. Of course said fireplace was not in compliance with the local fire codes, but then again..what was? Now I'm sure many of you are wondering "But but what about Professor Oddleyous?" Well dearest darling Professor Oddleyous, using his many and varied Professorly skills, had built a house the likes of which had never been seen before. It was big, it was purple and it had all the comforts of home including a super fast cable modem. Needless to say, his house soon became the place to be and the homes of the other castaways fell into disrepair.
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