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Hello!!!, and Welcome....

...To the journal Miffy and Libby created for their joint VH fiction project. It's based on Gilligan's island, it's a little loopy and there just might be 6 episodes, but we think it's quite fun! There could be more episodes, there could be less, but we have a mission at hand, so we'll do our best *L*

Here we have the characters and who they are at the moment:

AD = Skipper = Captain AD
Libby = Mary-Anne = Libby-Anne
MIffy = Gillgian = Miffigan
Oddley = Professor= Professor Oddleyous
Lass and Quark = the Couple.... ?? for now? *L* We're stuck on this one
Bryn = Ginger = Brynger

Dagrakaoogaooga and his band of blue flying pixie cannibals.

Edit: We forgot to mention that this isn't an open membership community at the moment, but we really don't have a problem with people wanting to join! Just let Miffy or Libby know. :) The only reason it's closed is that at the moment we're actively piecing together this silly little story here and...yeah. We're lame, we know.
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