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Random Continuation type thing....

While Miffigan was busing making her way back to the camp, Libby-Anne had slipped away to make daisy chains by the sea shore. No one noticed their sudden lack of sunshiney cheerfulness until after Miffigan finished explaining herself. Truth be told, they were rather glad that the constant calls for "group hugs!!" had stopped. But as annoying as Libby-Anne was, she was still one of them. A search party was formed almost immediatly (Brynger had to change shoes) and the hunt was on. The castaways soon realized that Libby-Anne had all but vanished. They began to fear the worst. Perhaps she had been carried off by those coconut-dropping pixies. In their haste, they overlooked one essential fact. When Libby-Anne disappeared, she had been at the beach, well out of range of the pixies. There were also two sets of footprints leading away from where she had been sitting making her daisy chains. To the trained eye, it would almost appear that Libby-Anne had gone away under her own free will....

TBC, as usual. :)
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